AA 10

Product Information

The AA-10R series are compact, versatile, fully automatic polarimeters, suitable for measuring the rotation of optically active compounds across numerous samples throughout a vast range of laboratory applications.

With cast aluminium base and solid panels, the AA-10R series polarimeters are extremely robust. Although the most compact polarimeter in the market, the sample compartment accepts standard size tubes up to 200mm path length.

Both models have 3 keys: an on/off switch, a zero button and a 'print' key, making operating the instrument easy.

Samples up to OD 1.5 (i.e a sample which absorbs less than 95% of the incident light beam) can be measured accurately by the use of a halogen lamp in conjunction with a very narrow band interference filter (standard wavelength 589.44nm). This ensures that readings are not biased due to sample colour.

A warning is given by the digital display if the OD 1.5 absorption tolerance is exceeded. Better results can generally be obtained with highly absorbing samples if the tube length is reduced.

The AA-10R series is available in two versions:

  • angular scale model which reads directly in angular degrees to a ±0.01° accuracy.
  • sugar scale model which displays the reading directly in degrees Z (International Sugar Scale, ICUMSA 1988) to a ±0.02°Z accuracy.

To use the AA-10R polarimeter, simply press the set zero button once at the start of work; pour your solution into a sample tube, place the tube into the instrument and, in a few seconds, the result is shown on the digital LED display.

Versatility comes from choosing different tubes for different applications, for example, up to 4 samples per minute can be measured using a flow cell and either a funnel or an auto-sampler.

The unique operating principle of the AA-10R polarimeter, patented by Optical Activity Limited in the 1970's, allows measurement of flowing samples and tolerates some turbulence, small bubbles or suspended solids, which would completely upset other polarimeters.


Technical Specifications
Specification AA-10R Angular Scale Model AA-10R Sugar Scale Model
Scale Degrees ISS Degrees
Range ±90° ±199 °Z
Accuracy ± 0.01° ± 0.02°Z
Wavelength 589.44nm   
Light Source Halogen filament lamp approximate life 2000 hours
Outputs Digital LED display, plus RS232 25-way output socket
Reading Time <8 seconds <8 seconds
Sample Compartment Accepts standard polarimeter tubes with 30mm circular ends.  Maximum path length 200mm, bores  8mm down to 1.5mm
Controls Power ON/OFF, SET ZERO button,  PRINT key
Dual wavelength model has a wavelength selection knob
Special Features Warning if sample transmittance is less than the 3%  (ie, OD 1.5) required for accurate measurement
Power Requirements AC line voltage 230V ± 20% or 115V ± 20% 45Hz to 65Hz, 10 watts
EMC and low voltage directives CE marked complies with the following regulation 89/336/EEC as amended by 91/263/EEC and 92/31/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) and 93/68/EEC Low Voltage Directive
Size (l x d x h) 460 x 220 x 90 mm
Weight 8.5kg (Gross weight packed - between 12 and 18kg)