SacchAAr 880

Technical Specifications
PolAAr 32


I.S.S. (International Sugar Scale 1988 - °Z ), temperature corrected °Z, also angular degrees at 589nm
: Full circle polarimeter
± 0.01 °Z (0 to 25 °Z), ± 0.001 angular degrees (0 to 10°)
± 0.02 °Z (above 25 °Z), ± 0.01 angular degrees (10 to 90°)
Sodium Yellow 589.44nm and infrared (IR); Switchable

Product Information

Introducing our latest innovation, the Dextran and Sucrose Analysis (DASA) System. The test measures down to 200ppm dextran in solution and easily copes with several thousand, without dilution. This instrument is the latest technology in pol measurements. The SaachAAr 880D is highly accurate (not sensitive to molecular weight), and its one button test generates specific results (distinguishes dextran from other molecules present) including sample preparation in just 10 minutes. The SaachAAr 880D is also environmentally friendly making lead-subacetate redundant. The outputs include: 6 GPL (good laboratory practice) identifiers, Original pol, corrected pol, Dextran ppm, Brix, and Sugar purity.