TCR 15-30

Technical Specifications


Refractive Index (RI)
Brix (% sucrose)
Temperature Corrected Brix (% sucrose, corrected to 20°)
User Programmable Scale
Back-lit liquid crystal display panel giving - name of selected scale, reading, sample temperature and real time clock
RI 0.00001
Brix (and temperature corrected Brix) 0.01%
Temperature 0.01°C
Real time clock to 1 minute
Accuracy at 20°C:
From 0.02 Brix at 0 Brix to 0.04 Brix at 95 Brix or equivalent in other scales
Standard RS232
Data Output to Printer/PC:
Time, Date, Name of selected scale (e.g. RI or Brix), reading and temperature
RI Range:
1.33 to 1.53 (equivalent to 0 to 95 Brix)
Temperature Control:
Internal electronic control of prism and sample cup
Sample Temperature Control Range:
15° C to 40° C
Working Ambient
Temperature Range:
10° C to 35° C
Sample Temperature:
Internal control range without cooling assistance:
approximately +20° C to -10° C from ambient temperature
0.03° C
Temperature Accuracy:
± 0.1° C at 20° C
For a stable sample, better than 0.00003 RI or equivalent in other scales
Readout Time:
Continuous reading every 3 seconds, OR user presettable from 3 to 999 seconds, time to temperature stability dependent on temperature differentials
User Defined Stability:
User can choose to display result only after reading has stabilized
Light Source:
Prism Material:
Synthetic Sapphire
Instrument totally waterproof to IP67 standard
On instrument, PRINT/READ button only
On power supply, mains ON/OFF switch
All other controls for changing scales, selecting mode, programming, etc. on hand-held remote control unit
(w x d x h):
Instrument: W 237 x D 235 x H 170 mm
Power Supply: W 93 x D 213 x H 89 mm
Instrument: 5 kg
Power Supply: 1.75 kg
Power Requirements:
86 to 265 v ac, 47 to 63 Hz nominal, less than 40 w

Product Information

This is the ultimate refractometer line for the ultimate range of applications. The revolutionary instrument will help you run more efficient, cost effective, laboratory or quality control monitoring over a wide assortment of products. The TCR 15-30 offers superb temperature control without the need of a water bath, and the sample is rapidly brought to a stable temperature (0.03°C) to give the highest accuracy and reproducibility of measurement.

An intelligent measuring system within the instrument prevents readouts until the sample has reached stability. Full analysis data is at your fingertips with this easy to use TCR 15-30. The back lit display is easy to read in low light conditions and with a three second read time, is always up-to-date.