TMR 33-37XP

Technical Specifications


Touch button selection of 'Zeiss,' Refractive Index (RI), Brix, Temperature Corrected Brix or user Programmable scale
'Zeiss' -5 to 105 RI 1.33 to 1.37 Brix 0 to 25% (other ranges available by means of interchangeable prisms to special order)
'Zeiss' 0.01 RI 0.00001/0.000001
Brix 0.01%/0.001%
'Zeiss' ± 0.05 RI ± 0.00002 Brix ± 0.01%
Readout Time:
Approx. 3 seconds, continuous update
Alphanumeric, 35mm x 123mm backlit LCD graphics panel, six lines of data
Displayed continuously to 0.1° C
Thermostatic Control:
By use of circulating fluid, temperature range 5° to 95° C
Set point; print; keyboard for programming functions; sampling pump control button
Sample Ingestion:
By means of peristaltic pump;
Sample tubing: silicone, i.d. 1.6mm, o.d. 3.2mm or 3.5mm i.d., 6.7mm o.d.
Pump tubing: silicone rubber, 1.6mm wall thickness, 4.8mm i.d.
Sample Cell Materials:
In a standard cell, the following materials contact the sample: chromium plated brass, synthetic sapphire, stainless steel, nitrile rubble and silicone tubing.
2 x RS232; 1 x remote
Power Requirements:
87 to 264 v ac; 47 to 63 Hz nominal; less than 7 watts
(w x d x h):
w 500 x d 290 x h 190 mm
16. 5kg
Packed Weight:
Dimensions of Pack:
810 x 410x 300 mm

Product Information

The TMR 33-37XP high accuracy refractometer is ideal for demanding applications in the soft drinks, fruit juices, and sugar industries. This instrument is also ideal in the brewing, distilling, water purity monitoring and blending industries. A choice of sample cell configurations makes the TMR 33-37XP highly versatile.

For the soft drinks industry there is an optional "Re-sorb" feature allowing direct readings to be made using carbonated samples and makes the instrument excellent for "beside-the-line" use in a packing hall. Fast, precise analysis is delivered direct to the final production stage to ensure the highest possible quality at lowest cost.